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Aqua balance chlorine dioxide

Aquastab is water soluble two product systems (Part 1 – Aquastab and Part 2 – Activator WM) generate aqua balance chlorine dioxide in liquid form. It delivers pure chlorine dioxide. Aquastab has consistent residual activity in water.

Aquastab - Mode of action

Aquastab acts as follows:
❖ Aquastab as Aqua Balance Chlorine dioxide acts on bacteria by first destroying the cell membrane, then the nucleus of the bacteria because the organism is totally destroyed.
❖ No resistant strains can develop which enables chlorine dioxide to be used on a continuous basis without the need for alternating biocides.
❖ It destroys the biofilm colonies formed on the walls of water caring systems effectively.
❖ Most importantly as soon as it enters the water system it acts on all other present microbes including pathogenic microorganisms to give 100% percent safeguard.

Aquastab - Characteristics

Name: Aqua stab
Two Component System Color: Light Yellowish
Others: Non- corrosive, nontoxic, non-flammable
Presentation: Liquid. Packaging: 1/5/10/50 Liter Jar
Compatibility: With all water bodies.
Ingredients: Aqua Balance Chlorine Dioxide and specifically formulated acid.

Aquastab - Benefits

❖ Effective at low dosages.
❖ Excellent for removing bio-film.
❖ Has 2.5 times the oxidizing capacity of chlorine or any chlorine generating agents.
❖ Effective over a broad pH range (up to pH 12) with no loss of activity.
❖ Does not chlorinate organics or react with ammonia.
❖ Does not hydrolyze in water to form corrosive acids like chlorine.
❖ Highly soluble in water.
❖ No hazardous byproducts (Carcinogens).

Aquastab - Approvals as Drinking Water Disinfectant

❖ Technology Approved by Govt. of Maharashtra
❖ Technology Approved by Indian Railways.
❖ Tested by National Test House.
❖ Approved for Non-toxicity by FDA, Maharashtra certified Indian Drug Research
❖ Association & Laboratory Pune.
❖ Tested for content by Food Hygiene and Health Laboratory.