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Electronic Water Conditioner

Electronic Water Conditioner

Electronic Water Conditioner is suitable for pipelines from ½” – 4” diameter and is independent of flow rate or volume of water.

Electronic Water Conditioner

Benefits Of Electronic Water Conditioner :

❖ It works effectively on water with both high and low mineral concentrations.
❖ It will reduce the chlorine taste in the water by 70%.
❖ It will reduce turbidity of the water by 20% making the water clearer.
❖ It will give softer clothes, softer hair.
❖ It will remove existing scale and rust from the piping through which the conditioned water passes.
❖ Then installed before an existing RO or water filter, it will keep the filter clean as well as the membrane of the RO unit clean, thereby prolonging the life of the filter and membrane of the RO unit.
❖ The conditioned water eliminates the problem of Algae growth.

Process of Electronic Water Conditioner

Process of Electronic Water Conditioner
The electronics water softner is suitable for pipe lines from 1/2 " to 4" diameter and is independant of flow rate ow volume of water
❖ The electronic water softener generates a high frequency magnetic field which converts the calcium carbonates and Magnesium Carbonates (hardness causing components) into calcium Bi-Carbonates.

❖ The Process also results in the releasing of an H+ ion. This results in increase of pH value of water.

❖ The high frequency kills bacteria in the water, making the water potable.

Advantages of installing an Electronics water softner in Residential building

❖ Shower heads and taps remain clean
❖ Clothes gets washed better
❖ Hair remains soft
❖ Floors and glass windows remains free of stain marks caused by hard water
❖ Geysers and Solar hot water system remain scale free.

Project Done

Wasan Villa : Before After
Electronic Water Conditioner
Electronic Water Conditioner

FAQ's of Electronic Water Conditioner

First and foremost the Electronic Water Conditioner is a water problem solver. With a proven track record of over 5 years, the extraordinary ability of this unique product has helped over thousands people improve their water. It can also help you...improve your water supply

The advantages of an Electronic Water Conditioner installation mean you can use it virtually anywhere you use water. Applications include:-
1. Domestic 2. Farm 3. Irrigation 4.Industrial 5.Swimming Pools 6. Aqua Culture 7. Hydroponics

The Electronic Water Conditioner works effectively on water with both high and low mineral concentrations. Especially lime, soda, calcium carbonate and saline waters. It improves water from town supplies, bores, and springs, creeks, rivers and wells. With more than thousands of units now installed, we have experienced good results in all areas.

Yes. Laboratory tests confirm, and you can look forward to a reduction of 70% in the concentration of residual chlorine in conditioned water. This decrease is due to the freeing of the chlorine artificially trapped between the mineral particles of the water before being conditioned. It is freed into the atmosphere in gaseous form as water leaves your tap. With an Electronic Water Conditioner system fitted you get the benefits of chlorination, but without the taste.

Turbidity is caused by microscopic suspended particles in your water supply. Laboratory tests confirm a decrease of 20% in the turbidity of the conditioned water. Your Electronic Water Conditioner causes the mineral particles to repel each other, separate and become smaller. Because there is less light refraction from the smaller particles your water becomes clearer. This is especially evident in swimming pools. The microscope photos effectively show this. Electronic Water Conditioners

Yes. Conditioned water contains smaller particles, which pass more readily through the clothes being washed. The water tends to be "wetter", and penetrates better to carry away dirt and grease. In unconditioned water larger particles and other substances can become trapped in detergent and in the fibbers of the clothes you are washing, causing staining.

You will have greener healthier more robust growth with less water. You can also look forward to increase yields which mean more profitability because:

(a) The better "wetting action" of conditioned water improves soil texture by surrounding individual soil particles with tiny droplets of conditioned water. Not only does your soil become more permeable but also it is able to retain its moisture content for longer periods.

(b) By improving the permeability, salts which previously accumulated around the root system and in the soil are leached away and do not reform. The plants can now take up more water and extract nutrients from the surrounding soil. Stressing to the plant is relieved and improved growth is noticed in weeks - sometimes days.

(c) Mineral particles and salts in conditioned water no longer adhere to the leaves to the same regret. What's more, leaf burn is reduced considerably.

NOTE: Laboratory leaf analysis testing on fruit trees between Conditioned and Unconditioned water, confirmed a massive 52% reduction of chloride and a 66% reduction of sodium.

Yes. Because conditioned water makes the soil more permeable water is absorbed more rapidly into the ground, which reduces evaporation. Watering time is therefore shortened which means you save two valuable resources. Water and money. To avoid over watering it may be necessary to reduce your watering time by 20%. In fact some people report water savings of 30%. Electronic Water Conditioners

The water in the examples listed has high mineral concentrations and our water analysis testing showed little difference between conditioned and unconditioned water. However, during conditioning the mineral particles repel and separate from each other. This change not only makes them smaller but alters their behaviour and neutralizes their negative influence. These less aggressive particles are now able to pass freely through the system with minimal interference.

In conditioned water the mineral particles repel and lose their attraction for each other and the surfaces of piping and other equipment. Being a solvent, the water now slowly etches, loosens and dissolves the existing scale and rust from the system. Once clean your system will stay clean!

The Electronic Water Conditioner causes a natural protective carbonate film to form inside the equipment and piping, which will not grow or increase in time. This self-healing grayish film is of negligible thickness and not only protects the system against scale and corrosion, but will not impede water or heat flow. In old corroded systems it is possible for scale to seal a leak. So removing the scale may cause the pipe to leak. (In this case the pipe should be replaced.) Nothing further will happen - except that you will have clean pipes!

Provided it is properly installed and maintained your Electronic Water Conditioner has an unlimited life expectancy. We have designed water conditioner to with stand voltage fluctuations under normal circumstances it should not require replacing. Electronic Water Conditioners

The Electronic Water Conditioner neutralizes the negative influence of mineral particles, which otherwise tend to hinder the filters performance, and reduce the working life of reverse osmosis membranes.
Installing an Electronic Water Conditioner unit before the carbon or reverse osmosis filter keeps them cleaner and greatly improves their efficiency. It also prolongs the life span and extends by several times the period between regeneration and cleaning of the filter cartridges.

Periodically it may be necessary to drain the lower region of the tank in order to expel any high concentration of dissolved solids that settle there, which otherwise may "disguise" the conditioned effect.

The Electronic Water Conditioner, by virtually eliminating the biofilm, denies the algae its food source. This occurs because of the "conditioning" or mineral separation process. With nothing to feed on the algae is either greatly reduced or completely eliminated.

The Electronic Water Conditioner is best fitted into the main line after the water meter or pump and before any tee junction or holding tanks, where by the whole system will benefit. It will operate in any angle above ground level
Note: Do not install or test the conditioner at the end of the pipeline. Best results are obtained when installed at least 20 feet before use of water or next to the pump preferably on the discharge side so as not to restrict the pump.

The Electronic water conditioner is designed according to pipeline diameter.